RAC Travel Contract

RAC Travel Contract

As a swimmer traveling with the Retriever Aquatic Club, I understand and accept the following conditions and requirements:

Conduct at Meets/Travel Meets

Personal conduct will be maintained at the highest level.  A “Good Citizen” persona shall be followed.

Attendance at all sessions of the meet set forth by the Coach is required, unless the Coach determines otherwise.

Retriever Aquatic Club attire is expected for all sessions, as assigned by coach.

Respect for the facility at which the competition is taking place will be maintained for the duration of the competition.

Purchase, distribution and/or consumption of alcohol is deemed ILLEGAL by the Federal Government for persons under 21 years of age and will be enforced.

Purchase, distribution and/or use of illegal drugs is deemed ILLEGAL by the Federal Government for all persons and will be enforced.

There shall NEVER at any time be Males/Females in the room of the opposite gender.  The exceptions: team meetings lead by Coach and when is the Coach who will be conducting room checks at the time of the imposed curfew.

Once the curfew has been established by the Coach, no one will be allowed to gather in the hallways or in a room not assigned to that person. Lights out mean, everything off and going to sleep, no exceptions.

Any physical contact, outside of a congratulatory gesture, is deemed unacceptable at all times during the duration of the travel.

Consequence for failure to follow the above conduct rules:

1st offence of any rule may result in the immediate dismissal from all remaining events of the competition. Parents will be notified to come and collect the athlete from the competition. The athlete will remain with the travel group until such time as a parent/guardian is able to collect the athlete.

Upon review of the situation, a determination will be made in terms of additional punishment or dismissal from the Retriever Aquatic Club.

In the case of a minor violation, parents will be contacted and an appropriate punishment will be determined by coaching staff.

These rules and consequences are in place to protect all parties involved. 

In addition, they are there to maintain group cohesion (ie – sportsmanship, attitude) and provide an environment that is dedicated to achieving every ones goals.

By signing below, I state that I have read, understand and accept the rules, expectations and consequence of the Retriever Aquatic Club Travel Contract.


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