Senior Gold


RAC’s Senior Gold group is for student-athletes who possess the ability, commitment, motivation, and dedication to truly be the very best they can be in swimming and in life. Swimmers in this group have made RAC swimming their highest priority extracurricular activity. The focus of this group is to prepare and train swimmers for Sectional/Regional, National, and International level competitions. Training will be at an elite level with a year-round focus; dryland and strength training are major components as well. Most importantly, student-athletes in Senior Gold are expected to be positive leaders and role models within the Retriever Aquatic Club family.

Attendance Expectations:

Senior Gold swimmers are expected to attend all afternoon and weekend practices as scheduled. In addition, Senior Gold swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend 1 double practice each week. A 95% overall practice attendance is the goal for this group. For meets, swimmers are expected to compete in all meets required by the coach, some of which will require travel. 

Elite Travel Meet Requirements:

  • Swimmers must maintain a minimum of 90% practice attendance throughout the course of the season.
  • Swimmers must demonstrate a legitimate commitment toward improving both in practices and at meets.
  • Swimmers must not have missed practice for any extended period of time, vacation, or otherwise.
  • Each swimmer must consistently demonstrate that he/she is a positive, trustworthy, and reliable teammate.
  • Coaches’ approval is necessary for a swimmer to attend any of the elite travel meets. This requirement takes precedence over any of the requirements listed above. If the coach feels that a swimmer would be better served attending a different meet, the swimmer is obligated to attend the meet of the coach’s choice.

Required Equipment:

  • 20 oz. Water Bottle (or bigger)
  • Mesh Equipment Bag
  • Fins
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoy (junior size recommended)
  • Paddles (optional, but encouraged)
  • Tempo Trainers
  • Parachute
  • Nose Clip
  • Ankle Band
Next Step:
Collegiate Swimming!!
Friday November 18, 2016
Fall Warm up Meet at UMBC
UMBC @ GMU Invite
Saturday November 19, 2016
Fall Warm Up meet at UMBC
UMBC @ GMU Invite
SR Gold 5:30-7:30am
SR Yellow 5:3 0-7:30am
PR SR 5:30-7:30am
AG Yellow OFF
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