Retrievers Athlete Representative

Hello to all swimmers and families of the Retriever Aquatic Club, 


My name is Ana Lesho, and I am your 2017-2018 team athlete representative to Maryland Swimming. I am 17 years old and have been on this team since I was 10. In the middle of my 4th season with the team, I moved up to the senior gold group, and have been training there ever since. This is my first season as the athlete representative, but I attended meetings last season as well. 

Currently, I am a junior at River Hill High School in Clarksville. 


Being the athlete representative means that I voice the opinions of all swimmers on my team to the Maryland athlete senior and junior representatives, who then continue onto board meetings to represent swimmers as a whole. My mission is to best represent the Retriever Aquatic Club by sharing our opinions and voting on issues. The most recent decisions in the board involve the topic of college swimmers attending Maryland state level meets. It also involves the Safe Sport initiative, specifically not taking pictures in the locker room. If anyone has any questions about my position, or would like me to share something with the board, please feel free to email me at


Thank you and let's have a great season!

Ana Lesho