Google Group eMail & Info for RAC

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Join up to get all of the internal news and info for the RAC Google Group HERE!

Instructions and trouble shooting:

If you're not recieving the emails from the RAC Group on Google it is probably because you have not set up your email digest within the group. If the email you assigned to the Google Group is NOT associated with your Google Account - you need to add it to your Google Account, then adjust your email settings for the group.

****** OR ******

Log into your Google Account

Search for and RE-join the RAC Google Group with your gmail email address

Set your email preferences for this group using the link on the left-hand side of the page

NOW - go to your GMail

On the right side of the main GMail page click on the gear icon and select "Settings"

At the top of the page you will have a new set of links; select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"

At the very top of the page is "Forwarding". Click the button there to "Add a Forwarding Address" and follow the instructions

SET UP A FILTER! All emails from the Google Group begin with [RAC]. Set your filter to only allow these emails to come through so you don't blow up your other email box with unwated gmail junk!

If you are still having issues - email Michael Vahlsing and send him the email address you want to get emails to for the Group.